About Us

Slobber Beads is a Melbourne based company run by a mum. We import authentic Baltic amber which is known for its purported healing properties. Our range includes Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets. Slobber Beads is a 100% natural remedy for babies teething pain and is a great drug free option to help ease the discomfort.

I originally come from Poland. That's how my adventure with Amber started. I opened my first website selling Amber in 2010 www.amberhouse.com.au where we mostly sell amber jewellery for adults. Due to a huge interest in baby necklaces we set up a another website selling only baby amber jewellery. 



Since 2010 we have sold thousands of baby necklaces as well as other Amber Jewellery. I attend the Amber Expo in Poland twice a year to ensure we supply the best quality Amber. All our suppliers are registered with the International Amber Association.


What is the International Amber Association?

The International Amber Association, formerly known as the Amber Association in Poland, is a non-governmental organization consisting of producers, tradesmen, merchants, artists & scientists from all over the world which is based in Gdansk, Poland, historic heart & seat of amber production.

The Certificate granted by the Association guarantees producers use only natural raw amber, properly processed to obtain the highest quality final product, free of artificial pressed amber.

Currently, only over 200 certificates have been issued worldwide by the International Amber Association- the organization of record in the amber industry itself. Most are held by amber production & fabrication companies. Reaching the status of "Recommended Firm" is an elusive feat, as all such memberships must be voted upon after letters of recommendation are presented to the Association by existing members & must be renewed with approval each year.

Why does our certification matter to you? It's very simple. We only want to market authentic amber & you only want to purchase genuine amber. The IAA is a group which among other activities has developed a standard for Baltic amber quality in our small industry.

Unfortunately, the rising prices & popularity of amber goods stimulate the production of false amber, which is continuously improved & manufactured in ever-increasing quantities. Only infrared spectroscopy is a reliable indicator of amber authenticity. The Stowarzyszenie Burszytynnikow w Polsce (International Amber Association) grants such certificates to companies of unblemished reputation, additionally covering their production with expert supervision.